Thursday, 30 July 2015

Holding on

a poem, written for my wonderful friend, soul mate, partner, Jane, currently seriously ill in hospital.

Holding on

We break, get torn,
 this makes our living spaces so blue,
so we fall apart, to start again,
to shake dark shadows of our skin,
wait for calming thoughts to return,
to burn bright again,
feel the tug of another's heart,
holding on and not letting go,
souls are strong, the wind can't blow them away,
still like air, the morning she rises,
with touch and breath, smiles again,
by moonflowers and sunflowers,
we will continue to walk and talk,
allow our nights and days,
to be imbued with love.


  1. Beautiful, Dave. Jane's a fighter. xx

  2. much love to you and Jane, Dave. This is a beautiful poem xxx

  3. My enduring best wishes and thoughts to a swift recovery, Holding Tightly for you both.

  4. Thank you Jackie and Lee, she is truly holding on. xx