Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Remembering 51 day bombardment of Gaza, one year on

Today July 7th, 2014 the  51 day Israeli bombardment of Gaza began. The relentless widespread destruction and loss of life shocked the world. We should not  these 51 days of suffering that the people of Gaza had to endure. Today I remember the beginning of this devastating assault and all the Palestinians who were subsequently killed.
Codenamed Operation Protective Edge by the Israeli Defence Force,  between 7th  July and August 26, Israel  carried out  its third major military assault on Gaza in the past 6 years (2008-09; 2012, 2014, respectively). It was to be the most deadly, killing 2,251 Palestinians of which 1,462 were civilians, and included 299 women and 551 children, as well as injuring 11,231, a number  that includes 3,436 children in a bombardment from land, sea and air. In what amounts to nothing lshort than a crime of terror.
The devastation caused by Operation  Protective Edge is said to be greater than that  of the two previous wars. Gaza had been  taken back 1,000 years, but still remained as an open-air prison, where nothing is safe or certain. people still sharing a heavy burden as a consequence of this bombardment.
The Palestinians were left with their hospitals and clinics destroyed and damaged, their one  only power plant destroyed. Electricity only coming on for  about  6 hours per day, with sewage and water systems in tatters. The after effects of this war has taken its toll on all economic sectors. People left living amongst ruins, with  many children living with  the constant feeling of  fear,  left with emotional and psychological  problems. Around 100,000 people in Gaza are still homeless, one year after the  conflict and Israel's illegal blockade continues.
But despite, this, and the terrible tragedy that they had to go through, the Palestinians have reliance in their souls, and despite it all, carry much hope. I remember too, again the continuing plight of the Palestinian. I hope our dedication to ending their occupation, suffering and injustice  continues and is renewed, I remember those that were lost and long and hope that the human rights of the Palestinian people continues to be recognised and respected.
The UK must play its part too by stopping selling Israel arms, that signals it tacit approval, and allows the facilitation of future attacks.

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