Friday, 10 July 2015


This morning,
looking for hope,
a sea of butterflies,
fluttered down with the wind,
like a picture from heaven.

Flowers blossomed,
to try and encourage waking thought,
to gently distract from crushing blows,
that rumbled in the distance,
a government drunk on power,
that permeated and slid,
in clear sight, out of control.

A lazy sky hung in the air,
released pangs of harmony,
allowed me and friends, 
to gather up some faith,
to carry us into the world afresh.

It is good when it is warm outside,
we cannot afford to put the heating on,
having endured so much pain before,
survival is the only key we save,
all for one, and one for all,
with our love we will endure.

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