Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Problematic friends?

It has been pointed out to me by a few people that Jeremy Corbyn seems to have problematic friendships. But his challenge to austerity still seems to be winning  the hearts and minds of the people.
The right wing press bang on about him being photographed with Gerry Adams, and with people from Hamas and Hezbullah, but this  what you have to do sometimes to try and find peaceful compromises.I really wish that people in his own party would have the guts to attack the Tory's with as much enthusiasm as they do on Jeremy.It is David Cameron and his ilk who are more than dodgy. The people of this country need to be rescued from them not from Jeremy's hope filled policies. The Tory's know that their austerity cuts are actually killing people.
Jeremy's motives  I believe to be  honest and genuine and pales compared to some of the politicians pictured above, who have used their positions and influence to cosy up to despots, tyrants, bullies, in order to increase their bank accounts/wealth or to sell weapons.
At the end of the day, the more people that line up to attack Jeremy's person and policies, the stronger it is, he becomes.
John Pilger summed up my thoughts recently -

' Ordinary people are so frustrated all over the world, that their views are not reflected by their politicians. Suddenly up comes a man who, first of all, is completely incorruptible. He's decent, he doesn't abuse people, he doesn't play games, he doesn't want to go to war with countries, he doesn't want to bomb countries,he doesn't want to see people impoverished and he doesn't want to see extremely rich interest make of with billions of pounds... he's cheered people up and given them a sense that maybe change is possible. '

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