Monday, 31 August 2015

Alice in Wonderland Politics

(Alice in Wonderland politics from the man, that led us down the rabbit hole  in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
A mad  war criminal, who is wanted dead or alive.
the following poem is dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn)

I'd rather be with Alice, in wonderland,
wandering in another world,
where the mad hatter's chatter,
is more benign than those that rule outside.

Lost in a landscape of discovery,
beyond the paths of conformity and routine,
away from lifeless ideology,
the cynical power political game
after all life is but a dream.

I'm  on the road to somewhere else,
returning to Alice in Wonderland,
sailing on the unblemished glitter of sea,
releasing beautiful visions,
that could make us all free.

Reinventing the earth,
is a task that we must face,
quelling this flame with hope,
is perhaps the most important challenges of our time.

Developing different realities,
always looking for something better,
to bring us a little more light,
another world is possible,
I can hear it's sigh. 

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