Sunday, 30 August 2015

The shame of Fortress Europe

( dedicated to all anti-immigration voices of anti-cultural diversity who spend their lives spreading lies about migrants and refugees. )

Despite, the Walls of shame,
people carry on, walking proud, 
fear cannot contain a peoples will,
behind razor wires, dreams survive,
but some  people still afraid to let them pass,
allow purposes to be left unfulfilled and unknown, 
left empty, tired, unfed, broken and abandoned,
ancient voices scattered on the wind.

The pain in their eyes moves my heart,
as they tumble forwards to sanctuary,
ending up with nothing, but pain and hurt,
their time  spent in sorrow,
the chaos that roams, in pursuit of liberty,
the scarred, patterns of the earth,
the shameful shadows shaped like stone,
all this we must feel.

                                   European union - Banksy

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