Wednesday, 26 October 2016

After the jungle burned

A twinge in the pit of the stomach
as tents and shelters went up in flames
refugees fleeing poverty and war
but when forced to go it is time to burn.

A case of hope deferred
as vultures gathered to watch
with their notebooks and pens,
as peoples homes melted before them.

And winter will soon be here
humans left to wander in confusion
with no permanent place to go
man-made victims simply abandoned.

Damned time, and time again
treated worse than animals
but all have names
this wave of humanity
treated with no compassion.

But they will keep on trying
even when doors are slammed
we must play our part
give them a huge welcome
instead of closing the borders
its time for them to be opened.


    "Burn them out !" scream the pitiless fools,
    knowing not that those fires will eventually burn us all,
    where is the compassion in the jungle this night ?
    as the tattered remains of many lives are set alight ?
    And people think it's ok to turn their back,
    on people in need because they are muslims or they are black,
    and people think it good to lock tight the door,
    rejecting our obligation to help, and then help more.
    It saddens me to see it,
    and it saddens me to hear,
    we are better than this,
    we are not slaves to fear.
    And those that you save will love you forever,
    we can work this out, we are really that clever,
    if you can not see the danger your antipathy feeds,
    you are lost your hatred, where self destruction breeds.
    Burn em out, lock 'em out, close the jungle, burn their homes,
    reduce them to non humans in the transit zones,
    they are humans like us you unspeakable fools,
    if you do not give your help you will reap karma's rules.
    And I have heard enough of your ignorance and hate,
    for the blades of division seal everyones fate,
    do unto others as you would hath them do unto you,
    tear down the unjust barriers for these desperate few.
    History will judge us for the things we didn't do,
    and I wonder how you will feel when the refugee is you ?

  2. I keep hoping that the better in us will be welcoming to those in need.

  3. yes, what are we becoming a humanity devoid of empathy and feeling