Sunday, 30 October 2016

For Diwali

To All of My Friends celebrating the Hindu Festival of Diwali, may the Festival of Light provide you with good health, peace and prosperity in the coming year

Diwali, festival of lights
a day of rich awakenings,
time for firecrackers to ignite
for children  to play with friends,
joyous, jubilant, carried with delight
the sweet smell of fragrance abounds,
colors of rich diversity fill the air
candles flickering, people gathering.
wishing  for understanding.

Prayers released for happiness
for laughter and smiles to glow,
for good to triumph over bad
time to love, time to share, 
to wish friends hope and goodwill
allowing soaring spirits to wander,
paying respect to different gods
the spirit of Diwali alive and well,
allowing light to lead us all
as celebration lifts spirits,
and true charity brings
joy peace and merriment
to those that need it most.


  1. Time to spread a little light around :)

  2. indeedy, the world needs it right now :)