Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Every woman and man is a star

( Dedicated to my partner Jane the mighty furbster and her friend Julie)

I believe we are all on a journey

in the end we will all return,

dancing forever in eternity

guiding constellations of influence,

tiny bones manifesting again

supplying infinity

glowing embers in the sky,

huge gigantic stars

loaded with light

celestial watchers of the universe,

so keep on gazing

looking out,

glistening above us

there is so much beauty

glowing forever

amidst the darkness

for all to see ,

shining forever

on you and me.


  1. Beautiful words Dave.... So True... We are all stardust...

    Love this poem.... ☺x

  2. cheers, nice one,we are indeed, all the best x

  3. cheers mel, comment was published, but inadvertently dissapeared??