Tuesday, 14 March 2017

For the Rivers ( a Poem)

Today is  the 20th annual International Day of Action for Rivers!
For two decades, communities all over the world have gathered to defend, protect and celebrate their rivers as sources of life and renewal. It’s an amazing moment of global solidarity, for an event to join, discover this interactive global action map. Each year, this event reminds us that we’re not alone in the struggle for our freshwater. We share a common purpose with sisters and brothers all over the planet who are fighting for their rights and their rivers. It is a day to educate one another about the threat facing our rivers, and learn about how to protect them. Here's a little poem I wrote for the rivers.

For the Rivers

From their source, delivers hope 
helps release  joy instead of sorrow;
into the sea allows freedom to grow
gives us 
hope for a brighter future,
currents moving more precious than gold
forever running, constantly turning,
rippling inspiration, reaching horizons of
                                            another tide
the rivers trace generations of memory,
constant  treasures  full of magic
veins of life that help sustain the planet,
we must conserve these flowing waters
help them replenish  our mother earth.

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