Monday, 27 March 2017

Good morning Britain

Aztec camera/ Mick Jones Good morning Britain.

Brilliant piece of culture and art - The powers that be make this song so relevant , many years since this record came out, fair gain for the elites, this song sums up Britain so much.
Here in Britain, politics is racing at breakneck speed. We have Theresa May as an unelected prime minister.The PM also stands  accused of closing the door on child refugees after reneging on a pledge to allow 3,000 stranded in Europe into Britain.The Tory's are ploughing on  with the benefit cap and other measures which are driving working-class families into the dirt, and no plans to seriously tackle this were made in Hammond's autumn statement. It is planning £22 billion-worth of savage cuts to the NHS, using the mechanism  of the so called ' sustaainability and transformation plans' (STPs). The end result, if they are allowed to get away with it, will be the wholesale closure of local hospitals. We are also wirnessing the rise of the  far-right and xenophobia on the rise again, combined  with  Post Brexit we could be living in a nightmare  that we can't escape, it will see many people waking up to the political economic consequences of leaving Europe, and realising they have been duped.We are currently sailing into a  future that does not look too rosy.Scary times indeed.
Yet the Tories will be screwed if Scotland and Northern Ireland still decide to remain in the EU. Scotland, having previously voted to remain in the UK and the EU, cannot now do both. The irony if the unintended consequence of Brexit could be a break up of Britain , with the result  a new Anglo-Welsh world super power that we could call Wengland.We are certainly  facing more days of shock and waves of uncertainty.
In the immediate future, the defense of migrants, including those yet to come, celebrating diversity is fundamental to opposing the swing to the right post-Brexit. Let or future not be steeped in shame..Only saying.

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