Monday, 6 March 2017

Not yet broken

There are times of trouble and stress
Just look at the state of the world,
It really is in one hell of a mess
Humanity repeatedly smashing itself into pieces,
Crawling shells that hurry away
Tension drowning us in sombre melancholy,
Discordant notes dispensing division
Crushing hope and ambition,
Leaving a sense of bewilderment
As beauty and strength fades away.
But as spring returns calling at your door
Bringing the flowers to bloom once more,
Can help  put back a smile on your face
This game of survival, this seasons annual race,
Allows us stop a while, let our minds reflect
As friendship arrives again, never to tired,
Without hesitation we can set course on a new
Experimenting with home made cures and lotions,
Recording, adapting new dimensions of meaning
Mind awakened can carry on, not yet broken.

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