Friday, 28 October 2011

Attila the Stockbroker - Looters


Dazza is a looter
in trainers and a hood
He trashed his local corner shop
He'd learned that greed is good
The CCTV nailed him
The papers called him scum
Now Dazza's in the barry place
And crying for his mum...


There's no such thing as society
So steal and cheat and loot
Just one more thing to remember though-
Make sure you wear a suit!

Bazza is a looter
In pinstripes, brogues and tie
Short selling in the City
He made millions on the sly
He nicked our hard earned savings
Then turned round and said thanks
He walked off with the money-
And we bailed out the banks...


When greed's the creed that breeds
and breeds
What else can you expect?
The selfish scum get richer
And communities get wrecked
Some rob us with an iron bar
Some a computer screen
And when they say it's "legal"
It's even more obscene....


Dazza is a street kid
And what he did was wrong
But he probably wouldn't do it
If he felt he could belong
Bazza's rich and privileged
He doesn't give a shit
He takes us for a load of mugs
And gets away with it!


More from one of my favourite political songwriters below

and nice little post on him here, it mentions a little gig that I attended.

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