Monday, 31 October 2011

Adelaide Crapsey (9/9/1878- 8/10/14) - The Witch

When I was a girl by Nilus stream
   I watched the desert stars arise;
My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx,
   Learned all his dreaming from my eyes

I bore in Greece a burning name,
  And I have been in Italy
Madonna to a painter-lad,
  And mistress to a Medici.

And have you heard ( and I have heard)
  Of puzzled men with decorous mien,
Who judged - The wrench knows far too much-
  And hanged her on the Salem green?

Adellaide Crapsey , grew up in Rochester, New York. Educated at Vassar College. Spent her life teaching, studying and writing poems. Her poetry A study of English Metrics  was published in 1918, after her death in a sanatorium of tuberculosis.  
The Witch from 'Verse' by Adelaide Crapsey 1922.

Happy Samhein everyone
May it be good. xx

FOR NOW - by teifidancer

As this October night ends
open your windows
spread knowledge of justice
love of free existence.

Occupy your heart
invite the spirit of insurrection
stir together
solidarity, imagination

The past is gone
change is effervessing
we are goin to a future
that has never been seen

There is magic in the air
as old orders die
together we rise, shadows
dancing among the flames

Truth grows from roots and branches
offering promise of new beginnings
an army of believers gathering
faith confirmed, preparing for emerging possibility

Certainties shake as orthodoxies are removed
dreamers sitting on the threshold of another world
in leaps and bounds we spread our message
we declare our freedom as paradigm shifts.

From the hedges we untangle
out in the open we emerge,
where we gather some critics curse
but we carry on beyond the dry tear of fear

wave goodbye to the margins
bloom, and move forwards
push onwards, accelerate
because the whole world is watching  now.

(Sorry about the cliches.........)
                                                'those who make peaceful revolution impossible
                                                 make violent revolution inevitable'
                                                 - J F Kennedy


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