Monday, 13 August 2012

DEAR ATOS - Send us your messages for atos

On Wednesday 29th August, as part of the Atos Games, Disabled People Against Cuts will deliver a coffin full of your messages to the Atos headquarters in central London. Why? Because over 1,000 people have died after being found 'fit for work' by Atos.
Marking the fourth anniversary, the coffin  will be delivered as a memorial. A minutes silence will also be held on the day.

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This will all be happening at the same time as the Paralymics will be commencing, which David Cameron will use as a propoganda tool... cheering it on, while robbing many other disabled people of their benefits, in a festivity that is actually sponsored by, of all people Atos.
Personally speaking, the fear that Atos has inflicted  on  my friends and associates on a daily basis has been terryfying. I know of people who are simply trying to survive, I like to refer to them as survivors instead of victims. But some of these people who have been steadily making progress with their lives, are then set back because of Atos's sheer lack of compassion and empathy, no caring feeling is expressed by their daily actions. Simply doin the governments rotten work. Ordinary people are being made to suffer, because of Atos's thirst for profit, and people are dying. The actual assesments bear no resemblance to real life. And it is the most vulnerable members of our society,that  are singled out and targeted, this I feel  is unjust.
Atos  because of the way they carry out their procedures, have been responsible  for causing added misery, stress and anxiety to peoples daily lives. Some people I know who have been on incapacity Benefit, when making a new claim for one of the new benefits it has replaced, have not even had an assessment by an actual real person, their claim form simply processed by a computer in a dehumanising way... their G.Ps opinions tossed aside.
Atos assesments are simply not fit for purpose. we need a fair sytem that protects the sick and disabled that offers them dignity.
Their are a number of petitions on line addressing these issues, two of which you can find links to below

Ian Duncan Smith, Maria Miller, David Cameron: Stop Supporting Atos origin

Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportianately on disabled people, their carers and families


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