Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sacco and Vancetti we remember you.

In this set of clips, Americans are shown how to spot Communists. For example . " If a person reads and advocates the views expressed in a Communist publication, he may be a Communist. If a person defends the activities of Communist nations while consistently attacking the domestic and foreign policies of the United States, she may  be a Communist!!! The video also goes on to demonstrate the evils of Communists stealing one's daughters away to work on a collective farm.
Joking aside it was not just Communists the Americans were afraid of, they garnered a lot hatred for other things too. On this day in 1927, Ferdinando Sacco and Bartholomew Vanzetti, two Italian immigrants living in Boston, were executed after being framed in a robbery. The alleged robbery  had taken place some time before in 1920, in Massachusetts, and their subseguent trial and execution was surrounded in conntrovery.Their real crime was that they were anarchists, involved with the vibrant anti-capitalist  movement  that was popular at the time. That too scared the shit out of the American establishment, voices that threaten their authority still do. So here's to Sacco and Vancetti's rebel spirit rattling through time. We never forget, never forgive. RIP comrades

" Oh martyr!
Dead, dead! You are dead
But your human tree and your human root
Are budding

Listen to the war cries of your living brothers!
This is the incense we are burning to you."

from Sacco Vancetti - H.T. Tsaing
Daily Worker August 20, 1928

Sacco and Vancetti - Ben Sahn

Song about Sacco and Vancetti - David Roviks and Woody Guthrie

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