Tuesday, 28 August 2012

No Justice for Rachel Corrie

The death of  pro-palestinian activist Rachel Corrie was a "regrettable accident" for which the state of Israel was not responsible, a judge has ruled, dismissing a civil lawsuit brought by the family.
According to Judge Oded Gershon of Haifa Court she had " put herself in a dangerous situation" whilst dressed in a bright orange jacket and acting as a human shield, when she was crushed under the weight of an Israeli miltary bulldozer while trying to obstruct the demolition of a Palestinian home in Rafah on the Gaza-Egypt border.

Israel to all intents and pupose has declared itself not guilty of Rachel Corrie's murder. The world I think sees things differently.
The home Rachel Corrie died trying to protect was razed, along with hundreds of others. She was murdered whilst protesting against home demolitions and injustice in Gaza. This court has now given its stamp of approval to the flawed and illegal practices of the Israeli military. The verdict has failed to hold the Israeli military accountable for continuing violation of human rights. It is a shocking day for human rights, but a verdict that I am not too surprised about. Again and again Israel acts with impunity, carrying on regardless in an arrogant violent manner. There is no justice when their courts show such contempt, for justice's meaning,
there is no justice too, when the Gaza strip remains a sealed ghetto,there is no justice when countless Palestinian families are made homeless, there houses destroyed, where is the  justice for them or  their friends  after the death of their loved ones.
By disregarding international law and granting Israeli war criminals impunity, the verdict exemplifies that Israel's legal system cannot be trusted to administer justice according to international standards.
The fight and struggle will continue, the end result being that we get truthful answers and yes JUSTICE...... the world will not stay silent, and I will remember Rachel Corrie , who courageously died whilst living her dreams, staying human, amd showing solidarity with her beloved friends, the Palestinians.
This will not be last time we hear her name. The memories of her death will not fade, nor that of the death of thousands of Palestinians. Israel have stated their objectives, they are participating in a war, and in there war, there is no such thing as civilians casualties. At least 6,444 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli occupation since 2000, so  we carrying on fighting for their Justice too as well as Rachel's.

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Rachel said 2 days before she was killed
"I'm witnessing the systematic destruction of a people's ability to survive. Its horrifying'.

This  is still the situation today,  despite the condemnations internationally, Israel  believes it can get away with murder...... the  world is watching and  the world says no.   

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