Saturday, 11 August 2012

Olympic legacy London 2012 and some sweet Comedy Gold from seminal comedy duo Skint Video

Former Skint Video ( remember them, back in the day I thought they were absolutely fantastic, like a Left Wing Barren Knights, only personally speaking much better)   member  Gerry Mulligan on the Olympic Legacy. Remember Skint Video, I thought they were hilarious, still do in fact, tried looking for a tape of them I used to have, sadly lost, thank goodness to youtube. Saw them playing at many a benefit back in the day, supporting the likes of Billy Bragg, Redskins, and er Red Wedge.... Then I grew up , well for a little bit, thought I'd post a few favourites. Still find them hilarious.

Skint Video - about Thatcher Health Service Cuts

still somewhat topical

Skint Video - Billy Bragg, tribudy, half tribute, half parody

Skint Video- Bono pay your taxes, glastonbury 2011

Skint Video - Smiths parody glastonbury 84

I was in the audience smewhere high as a kite
my first glastonbury experience

Skint Video - Police Demo March, cops on 45

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