Friday, 17 May 2013

Demonstration Against Drones : Aberporth

My local UAV testing site  has recently been in the news again , Welsh airfield at the centre of Britains drone revolution where the Guardian seemed to be rehashing the propoganda machine of Mr Ray Mann, owner of Parc Aberporth in West Wales, a flight testing sight for UAVs. Most of Mr Mann's comments were subsequently rehashed in my local paper the Tivy Side,
Despite this their are still genuine local concerns about what is happening up the road from me.  The constant noise of the watchkeeper 'drones' or or unarmed aerial vehicles' being flown around Aberporth continue. This constant buzzing- often for hours on end, is a constant reminder of how Wales is still being used for possible 'remote killing' activities.
The Israeli military and Israeli company Elbit systems have also been linked to the watchkeeper drones tested here, which have been used to target civilians in Gaza. As well as local concerns about their links with military use, their have also been ones of safety, with a number of drones crashing over the years.
These are some of the reasons I will be going to support the following demonstation.


Against Drones

Aberprth MOD Base, main gate
Saturday 18th May , 12 Noon

Bring things to decorate the gate

Drones have killed innocent people in the last decade.

Organised by Cardigan Quakers

For More information
Contact 07905956324
01239 811139

I also support the following initiative,
click picture to enlarge, more details here.

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