Saturday, 25 May 2013

Palestinian Children killed by Israeli forces since 2000 : 1,397

That was quicker than expected, quick schedule here, lest we forget.
An Israel government report released on May 19th claims Israelis occupation forces did not kill 12 year old Muhammad Al-Durra and that he may not be dead at all. Credible human rights organisations disagree.
Jamal a-Durra, Muhammads father responded ' Israel says my son is n't dead. Can you imagine how this feels for a father who has lost his child.They have all the technology tools in the world. He's not dead? Then bring him to me.
Muhammad is just one of nearly 1,400 children who have been killed since 2000 as a result of the military occupation and settler presence in the West Bak, Gaza strip, and East JJerusalem.
Read a full report by the IMEU here.

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