Wednesday, 8 May 2013


( Dedicated to poet Gary Snyder on his birthday, and all who oppose violations of human rights -by all sides in war. )

shines on top of mountains,
in the ocean of universes,
and its moonit clouds,
in every soul, distant stars.
Near moments to come,
the futures past,
peace is a promise or secret,
that is forever kept,
comes from within,
we are all in reach of its scent.
Sends messages of determination,
from hungry hearts that demand attention,
in every seed and flower grows,
comforts sleepers, in times of darkness,
on horizons that stretch forever,
on the windows edge, the gutters rose.
Sings from the rain, as freedom is sired,
in the flame wind of breath,
lets together ride it's waves,
let it chase our shadows,
unite the human race,
against darkness, against intolerance,
against tides that do not turn.


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