Thursday, 23 May 2013

Paul Eldridge (5/5/1888 - 26/7/82) - Pessimism

Paul Eldrige, writer, author, teacher.
Despite the bullshit,  despite it  all,
we still  answer back.......  off on holiday,
will possibly be back!

 " PESSIMISM is the philosophy of proportion and perspective. Wisdom., which isw quite distibct from mere intelligence, is steeped in pessimism. The major prophets of the age, Jesus and Bhudda and Confucious were pessimists. They understood the tragedy of man, sad they went forth to heal him, each in his own way.
The pessimist does not seek needles in stacks of hay, and does  not seek needles in stacks of hay, and does not feel disillusioned because  they are  unfindable. The hopes he entertains are not too sanquine, and remain within the framework of the ultumate reality.
He knows that the proverb" no rose without its thorn" is trite only because of its eternal justfication. Therefore, beauty he cherishes with that exquisite tenderness  mingled with sorrow which characterises a last kiss, a dying dawn, the overtones of a cherished  melody."

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