Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Slow Burning Fuse

                                                   Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13/6/13

                                                   Turkey, now.

Voices tail us,
roaring on the wind,
in a rainbow breath,
on the squares of continents,
people united, under flags of resistance,
brandishing patents of indignation,
where  crumbs become waves,
and the air fills with fire.
Poisoned by legislators, and politicians tongue,
calls for justice, weave comrades together,
and with clenched fists, the people sing,
tides, follow no order, but it's forces soar,
as the barriers and fences come tumbling down,
the fury of the masses  cannot be contained,
a slow burning fuse, fuelling  pulsations,
when, there is nothing left to lose.

Nice Page,here inspirationfor above poem

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