Monday, 24 June 2013

Arthur Ponsoby (Lord Ponsoby of Shulbrade , 16/2/1871- 23/3/18) - Live in the Present

                           Arthur Ponsonby, writer and social activist

' It cannot be too strongly emphasised that it is the journey that really matters, not the destination. There is higher remuneration and richness of experience to be gained for those who notice and explore the beauties and interests of the roadside in every stage of a journey than for those who blindly pass them by unnoticed in their eagerness to reach the expected though uncertain pleasures of some distant popular centre of attraction. The summit of the mountain may be dissapointing; it is the arduous climb to reach it which gives real satisfaction. . .
Now  is the greatest of moments, the most real thing of which we can be aware, and the whole colour of your life depends on this important now. To seize it as an opportunity means bracing oneself up for action, decision, bite , endeavour. Action is the finest narcotic for grief and bereavement; action dispels lassitude, and action resolves into their true proportions the petty irritations which disturb the even tenor of all our lives.'

From ' Life Here and Now '

I would add that at this moment governments of the world seem to go in the opposite direction of all that we know to be true, as people wake up and protest against their corruption, as a species we have outgrown governmental control.Follow your desires, fulfill your needs, escape from pain.

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