Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Secret Police and Stephen Lawrence

The barrister who represented the family of the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrebce says that  they are shocked by the revelation that a police officer may have been ordered to infiltrate the Stephen Lawrence campaign in 1993.
Absolutely dreadful allegations have emerged through the Guardian newspaper and the documentary programme 'Dispatches' on Channel 4, about the role of Briatains secret police, which exposed an orchestrated calculated attempt to discredit the campaign and smear the Lawrence family and associates.
An undercover police officer called Peter Fleming spied on the family , in a " hunt for disinformation" that might undermine those calling for an inquiry into Scotland Yard's botched operation.

Undercover officer , how I spied on Stephen Lawrence family

 It's difficult to find the words to convey the complete defamation of justice that such news represents. The ability for those, who pretend to protect and serve us, to fabricate and decieve in order to justify their own structural inadequacy is so shocking that is sometimes leaves us numb
These were not actions conducted collectively by police officers at the end of their tether. Again and again it has been proved that they have used planned operations to attack people working for social justice, with further allegations of infiltration of other groups working for change.
When people ask us why we say 'no justice no peace', why we don't trust police and why we have little faith in their reformation, these are the reasons why. For years now, our police forces have been deploying tactics like these that I believe, have no part in a democratic society, the Police being used as strategic arms of the state machine.
Stephen's mother was said to be 'aghast' about these allegations, 'coming back to haunt' the family after all this time. But has managed to bravely reatain her dignity and composure.

These allegations must be investigated immediately, this attempt to smear a grieving family is unforgiveable and beyond contempt.


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