Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jazz Poem

In the long nights of  Autumn
I let the records revolve round and round,
as ashtray heart gets filled with golden memories.
Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk,
Miles Davis, SunRa, Roland Kirk, 
into  deep spaces where I'm pleased to chill.

Follow giant steps, a love supreme
on the corner, the shape of things to come,
elements of fusion, on the fringes of tone time
rythyms of a higher power, free expression,
the poetry of improvisation, currents moving
running wildly across  seamless skies.

Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman
strong and bold, rough and smooth,
these are the beats of my heart
Chet Baker, Johnny Ray sing out,
voices of the past touching now
eclectic hums still running free.

Take a stroll in the moonlight
take a voyage round the sun,
cast aside rules, space is deep
within you yet far away,
follows no particular season
inside deep a temple of sound.

Ah, jazz, it's horizon smiles with seduction
gets under fingernails, gets into souls,
water's senses with unlimited oceans
follow the notes outside, find devotion,
flowing with this magical understanding,

Keep on moving, dance with intent,
refresh your breath, shake your hips,
raise your hands, make room for celebration,
listen to the sounds of rythym's eternal escape,
wordless music, releasing salads of creativity,
pulling us into the chambers of dream.

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