Thursday, 5 December 2013

Flotillas from Gaza break Naval Blockade

On Saturday, November 30, some 250 Palestinian children launched minitature  boats along the Gaza coast  to raise awareness about the ongoing Israeli maritime seige of the 25-mile long coastal territory. The naval blockade has destroyed Gaza's fishing industry and fishing has become physically dangerous. Fishermen have reportedly been shot and arrested within the six mile nautical miles limit, where they are officially permitted to take their boats.
Also a Palestine Flotilla named 'Steadfastness and Justice' lauunched on Monday morning and managed to break the naval blockade imposed on the Gaza strip, reaching a distance of 6  nautical miles of Gaza's coast in an act of symbolic defiance. Israel forces threatened to prevent the flotilla from crossing the 6 nautical mile barrier.
The flotilla was composed of 20 boats carrying Palestinians and international activists from Sweden, the United States and Japan.
Before returning  back to the shores, the activists threw bottles containing  messages into the sea, which included calls for the international community to put more pressure on Israel to lift its strict seige on Gaza. The messages also included calls for the Israeli naval forces to stop their daily violations against the fishermen in Gaza.
Meanwhile the main pumping station in Gaza  is still not working, due to lack of fuel, so the people of Gaza  are currently without fuel and electricity. Also  lacking access to clean-drinking water and medicines,.
The siege of Gaza continues,  but it's people still search for means of getting a vestige of justice, equality, freedom of movement, and despite  their daily suffering their will is not yet broken.
I try to pass on the news, that unforunately  in my country the B.B.C deems not important enough to report.

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