Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Happy Birthday Chelsea Manning- Free her Now!


Supporters of international whistleblower Chelsea (formerly) Bradley Manning, have been gathering in London to celebrate her 26th birthday and to demand her immediate release. The U.S soldier  was sentenced to 35 years for leaking thousands of documents to Wikileaks exposing US and other governments' war crimes and corruption.International protests are also being held to demand her release.
Thank's to Chelsea's whistleblowing the public now know  about the collateral murder of a U.S helicopter killing innocent Iraqi civilians, the covers up of rape in Iraq and Afghanistan, the extent of drone strikes, U.S dirty tricks across the globe, the thousand of civilian casualties that were not acknowledged publicly, the fact that most Guatanamo detainees were innocent, their spying on us all, etc etc..
People are invited to support a petiton by Amnesty International demanding her immediate release https://www.amnesty.org/en/appeals-for-action/chelseamanning  and another petition by the Private Manning Support Network demanding President Obama's pardon http://www.privatemanning.org/pardonpetition Her sentence  is harsher than that of convicted murderers, and rapists, because she wanted to speak some truth, and now  the U.S want to make a scapegoat of her, to discourage other whistleblowers, of taking the brave descion yo expose crimes, and surveillance of us all. It is urgent  that we increase the pressure in our calls for her immediate release. Sharing the truth should not be a crime.
On her fourth birthday behind bars, I do hope the world remembers her, because her brave actions have set an example to us all.

' There is not a flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.' 

-Howard Zinn

Happy Birthday Chelsea Manning

Free  Her now

Meanwhile.a date for the diary, an event of solidarity, in the place where Chelsea was raised, who also has Irish roots as well, where these two communities will not forget Chelsea Mannings's courage and integrity.


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