Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Taking 'Selfies' at Mandela's memorial service simply beyond contempt.

South African President  Jacob Zuma had called  on people to celebrate the life of Mr Mandela, who died last week aged 95, but I am sure a selfie with beaming smiles was not appropriate  behaviour for world leaders on such an occasion.
Their supposed to be act in accordance with their status, but here we get their true, worth, much wose than a bunch of giggling teenagers, because in youth one does not always understand the rules of engagement.
Snapping selfies at such a solemn occasion is the ultimate sign of disrespect, it more than sums  up what kind of people they really are. Behaviour that is simply beyond contempt. It is now official they have no class or shame.
A Pictures speaks louder than a thousand words.

Steve Bell Cartoon in yesterday's Guardian 

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