Monday, 30 December 2013

Top Ten Tory Lies of 2013

There are lies, damn lies and then tory lies, the above list just the of the iceberg really,all their actions have done is fuel division, swelling social anger. The Tory's main purpose seems to be moving public  money into private pockets, shattering any remnants of hope and carving up the country, as people drift into poverty and our living standards plummet.Nobody voted for their austerity package,this  party that seems to toss accountability or transparancey, aside, that have been caught out trying to delete old speeches and promises from the internet.
Also 350,000 people are now regularly forced to access food banks, their is increased hospitalization  because malnutrition rates have nearly doubled under the tory's. Doctors have written to the BMJ (British Medical Journal) calling food poverty a national emergency. Causing harm is their devotion, causing pain is their game of sport, still lining the pockets of their rich friends, while attacking the marginalised and the poor. And next year the Conservative Party will daft proposed new laws to curb the impact of European human rights legislation in Britain. I can only imagine what other nastiness they have in store for us.
Still in it all together, I don't bloody think so, just another tory lie.....Happy new fear

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