Saturday, 12 April 2014

I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier - the first anti-war hit record

Released in 1915, I Didn't Raise My Son to be a Soldier, sung here by the Peerless Quartet, was the first commercially successful anti-ar record and featured prominenlty yn the American ant-war record and featured prominently in the American anti-war movement opposing US entry in the first world war. The warmongering ex-president Theodore Roosevelt objected to the song's message of peace and its early feminism: " Foolish people who applaud a song entitled "I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A soldier" are just the people who would also in their hearts aplaud a song entitled "I Didn't Raise my Girl To Be A mother."

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  1. Dave, how true! In my family there were so many troubles during 2nd World War. My mum's brother was killed at 23 in southern Jugoslavia. Three cousins were lost in Russia. My dad (born in 1915) was sent around in Europe for some years to "fight" against what? He ended up in Russia too and at last in a german lager for nearly two years. What beautiful adventures because of some mad leaders ruling Italy and Germany and millions of people following them!

  2. thanks again for your comments. Yes no glory in war, just a futile waste,,and there will still be those who attemtp to rehabilitate the imperialist folly of war.Regards.