Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Say no to UKIP

Lets Unite and say no to UKIP, say no to racism, say no to homophobia, say no to Europhobia, by not voting UKIP.
I quote: 'In the UKIP local Manifesto  2014, the party leader mentions  that "Today, local communities are under attack... On 1 January 2014, the UK opened its doors to people from both Romania and Bulgaria. Up to 29 million people  more people  are therefore entitled to come here, to take advantage  of our benefits and social houses".

The reality is that just 0.06% of these 29 million have come to Britain but the bad news is a total  of 400 million people from Europe are entitled  to come to the UK if they wish so, because all EU citizens have the right to decide where to reside and work within the European Union. According to Mr Farage, one of these 400 million people  is a member of his own family.

Personally  I find UKIPS  brand poisonous and toxic, pandering to racist rhetoric. They are deploying the same language and tactics  used  openly by racist parties and organisations like the BNP, the EDF and the NF before them, who now instead  of targetting migrants from Africa are  now targetting migrants  within the EU.
Scratch under the surface  and their racism is exposed. Many of their candidates, activists and representatives have been caught out  making derogotary and offensive comments. People like to joke about them, but they continue to spread their venom, and the prospect of them gaining any credence or any asssemblage of power is very frightening indeed.
A wote  for UKIP  is like voting  for the mafia as  representatives of  law and order.It is very worrying that  people are  being attracted and drawn to their dangerous ideas that seem intent on stirring up hatred and fostering division.
In Ceredigion, Wales where I live, we have already seen a so called independent councillor  recently joining their ranks.
I really hope  people stop their tide and stop them in their tracks
Oh and UKIP  also have a freephone  number that  will cost  them from their funds everytime  you call...send them some love  folks...the longer  you stay on the better.....

Here's the number

0800  587  6 587

UKIP top brass can add poor driving to their list of recent controversies after one of their  buses  collided with  a railway roof in Portsmouth recently.... ho ho ho.


  1. Really good Dave! Something very similar exists also in Italy. They are the independist party who wants northern Italy indipendent from Central and Southern Italy. They are racist as well and say exactly the same things of your UKIP. Nearly every day they comment badly about the immigrants arriving with boats to Italy from Africa. Unluckily there are quite a lot of people supporting them in my region so you can imagine how much angry I am when I hear so often these comments in everyday life! Going to share in Facebook so some friends of mine will know what is going on in northern Europe.

  2. thanks for that..... it's like we do not learn anything from the past, personally I believe that all nations of the earth are enriched by migration, we all have roots that come from somewhere else, it adds and enriches to the diversity of all our different cultures. Most of these organisations pander to fear and ignorance, a spectre like this swept through Europe in from the 1920's to the 1930's , they should never be tolerated, they should never be allowed to progress, with their obnoxious values and views. Thanks again, regards.

  3. Unluckily they are becoming VERY popular in most european countries, so we must not keep silent and tolerate their dangerous ideology. Yes, I agree about fear and ignorance .When there are economic difficulties in a country it's so easy to accuse immigrants, different people or whoever instead of searching the true reasons...
    Go on Dave!

  4. thanks again...agree entirely...happy May Day