Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Thatcher: Tramp The Dirt Down - Elvis Costello

For Margaret Thatcher: 

To this day she remains one of the most controversial and divisive figures to emerge from British politics.

I still remain a proud member of the Thatcher hating society, this so called Iron Lady was responsible for plunging the countinto a pit of unemplyment, riots and despair, selling off  anything of worth. Took us off to war, shortly after waging her own with the so called 'enemy within', a lifelong friend of fascist despot, General Pinochet, etc etc. Her policies made life a misery for millions.

She sought to suffocate all that was around her, rather than give life. An enemy of the people.

Ding Dong, one year on the witch is dead but  her dark legacy still lingers though, time that we buried that also....


  1. Tonight have just seen a good film on Tv about her politic career, with a gorgeous Meryl Streep. Hard headed woman, so unpleasant. I dislike her a lot for what she did in Britain. Franca Panizza

  2. xx, I try to forget her, but her horrible memory lingers too hard on my mind..

  3. Not easy to forget such nasty people! In Italy we had that bastard Berlusconi, but it is so hard to get rid of him and his faithful mates

  4. it seems they exist amongst us...in all corners of the world!