Thursday, 3 April 2014

Support Musician Omar Saad

Eighteen year old  violinist Omar Saad was recently handed down a sixth prison sentence for his ongoing refusal to serve in Israel's occupation army.Hehas declared that he would  refuse to serve in the army even if he was jailed  sixty times.
He wasa first jailed in early December last year, after he and his siblings  performed a musical protest outside  of an Israeli military induction center in the Galilee, where the majority of Palestinians in present day Israel reside. He has since been handed down six consecutive sentences of twenty days imprisonment.
Omar is a member of the Druze  religious minority, which unlike the majority of Palestinian  citizens of Israel, are required to serve in the military.
However growing numbers of Druze youth are refusing to comply, fasing imprisonment in the process.
The anti-militarization group New Profile is encouraging  letters of support for Omar, as well as letters to the Israeli authorities calling for his release, and letters to the media to bring attention to his plight.

 Turning 18, for most teenagers, means you are no longer imprisoned by your parents, but turning 18 for a Palestinian living in Palestine  1948 land means you are no longer imprisoned to your parents but you are now imprisoned by the Israelis, this  young man who is a wonderful musician should from a village in Galilee has just turned 18 instead of celebrating his 18th birthday he should be free, out playing his beloved instruments with his awakened conscience.

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