Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"Don't tell the people to calm down! Tell the cops/military to stand down!"

The anger and outrage in Ferguson, Missouri and in solidarity protests around the "U.S" are not just about Michael Brown. This is a long, bloody  history of political violence, against typically, people of color, and/or oppressed classes in general. To speak of the real history here, is to talk about, first of all, a nation that founded itself on indigeneous genocide, stolen land and broken treaties. It is to talk about a militarised police state that got its hands as bands of mercenaries hired to track down runaway slaves (literally called the "slave patrol") or hired thugs brought in  to bash the heads of striking workers. Not much has changed in these years - for many, if not most, indigeneous and people of color.
"Black Reality and White Denial" are going strong in America, the home of the KKK.
White supremacy is a system  of power that is active today as any time in this culture's history. While activists must do everything they can do to dismantle  personal and institutional racism'

Solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

Read these guidelines for how people with privilege can ally and show solidarity with people of color on the frontlines of resistance to racism.



  1. Yes! But why not champion the cause of all Black and Hispanic Americans. It's the job of the mainstream media to limit the issue that is behind the troubles of Ferguson and every other Black community across the USA.

  2. I think we are moretheless shouting from the same songsheet.. Regards