Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Still can't upload  photos or video in libraries, but that is the least of our problems. At the moment in time we have a corrupt authoritarian government thrashing everything decent about this country, flogging of our public services, cutting our beloved welfare state- all of which we have paid for, killing 1000's through their cruel draconian policies, founded on social Darwinism and eugenics by stealth, and what are the nation and media babbling on about? How much Millibland  gave a woman who was begging, and how he looked while doing it, the same as he usually does. Tories, labour, the bloody liberals, where  is the difference. There whole damn country seems to be heading back to the workhouse times. A man immoral bunch that make me ashamed and angry to say the least
Tens of thousands  of desperate jobseekers will be forced to cancel Christmas too, due to benefit sanctions, job centres develop a scrooge like mentality at this time of the year, about 59,000 job seekers were sanctioned  in December 2013.
Gradually all are support and sustenance is being kicked away. Bah.

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