Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Unbelieavable!: Tony Blair wins Save the Children's Global legacy award 2014.

Tony Blair, the man who was hugely responsible  for killing, injuring and displacing, thousands  of Iraqi  children ( among his many crimes)  has been recognised for his humanitarian work by the worlds  foremost childrens charity, Save the Children.
How could this organisation make such a monstrous error, but their chief executive is known to be a Blair underling. This so called Middle East Peace Envoy, has already been named 'Philanthropist of the year'!! by GQ magazine, while lining his greedy pockets, a friend  and someone who has been  criticised for a range of shadey dealings with autocrats and dictators.
This is a man  known throughout Iraq and Afghanistan  for the trauma that he has caused. To offer him such an accolade and reward is sickening. Tony Blair  because of his support for the 2003 invasion    is guilty of infanticide, the subsequent perhaps one and a half million deaths in a country  where half the population were children.
This man should not  be lauded, should not be applauded, for he has offered the world no apology, he should be shamed, many would like to see his arrest for being what he  represents, nothing but a war criminal, the causer of so much pain and division.
Many of  the charities  own staff have since complained  that the presentation of this award   has discredited  and misappropriated and betrayed  Save the Childrens founding principles and values.It is worth noting that Save the children  recently appointed Samantha Cameron, wife of Dave, as their 'Ambassador for Syria, and their  chief executive Justin Forsyth was special envoy to Blair for three years, perhaps it's just a case of us not actually being in it all together.
I am truly outraged that Save the Children, is being seen as contributors to the impunity, whitewashing and rehabilitation of this hollow man. An organisation that represents and serves the interests of children should not be complicit  in whitewashing the innocents  killed.I can see no justification in this reward, his reputation for many remains rotten to the core.
Please join me is supporting this campaign to get this reward removed from a warmongerer and profiteer of death who has long poisoned the well of public trust.

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