Friday, 28 November 2014

This coked up P*****k should be sacked.

Well we would if we turned up in this state. Who knows he might not be under the influence, he could just be a swivel eyed loon., like most of the hypocritical, corrupt elite  that none voted for, that surround him. At the end of the day, whatever he does in private is  up to him, but when he is busy tearing our country apart  and the faces of suffering  are being caught up in  a near end cycle  of misery, due to him and his friends. This mans actions should be accounted for and forever questioned, people  take drugs everyday but do not come up with policies as bad as his, whatever he's on, he's still an arse.In light of the Governments failing drug policy, George Osborne's bizzare appearance at Prime Ministers Question time,  begs the question what planet are some of these M.Ps on, its certainly not ours. Personally think the whole ruddy cabinet should be sacked.

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