Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The truth about Tibet.

At the moment the citizens of Tibet do not have anything that resembles  any form of basic human rights. Children and adults can dissapear at anytime.
To practice their religion, means they will face prison, torture and death.Many of their ancient Bhuddist temples and monastries destroyed to be replaced with Chines Government Propoganda centres.
Tibetans must be allowed to to retain their right to protest and alllow their struggle and discontent  with China, and it's illegal occupation and continued mistreatment of Tibetans to be recognised.
Today the Chinese Government is celebrating 51 years of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region ( The TAR). But Tibetans know that the TAR is just half of hstoric Tibet and that today's anniversary marks 50 years  of oppression and exploitation. Here is a  10 minute film to counter China's propoganda  and expose the reality of Tibet under China's rule today. Please watch and share.
I would hope that the world would expect and recognise that China's  repressive policies against the defiant people of Tibet must stop. We must seek the restoration of the Tibetan people's basic human rights, and the  enjoyment of basic freedoms that have been denied.
The struggle for Tibetan freedom continues.


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