Monday, 20 June 2016

Halfway there ( a poem for the summer solstice)

                        ( in time of rising hate, fear and division, a moment of contemplation)
                                                          happy summer solstice   

Surging through veils,
to enhance, to heal,
recharge, renew, reveal,
time to celebrate,
through spirit, mind, and heart,
the turning of the seasonal wheel,
under the influence,
of a full strawberry moon,
swirl in peace for awhile,
solitary or in company,
kiss goodbye to the last shades of spring,
pay homage to forces of nature we trust,
as earth's darkness returns to light,
and summertime is reborn.


  1. oooh that's lovely - made me shiver :-) thank you for the share

  2. cheers glad it worked....nice one.

  3. A beautiful poem to calm and balance the soul... Love it.. Thanks for posting this one Dave....

  4. Cheers Mark, nice one, may see you Friday night for the Bards birthday bash, all the best.

  5. Beautiful Dave. I especially love 'Kiss goodbye to the last shades of Spring'

  6. Cheers Helen nice one... Glad you liked it, all the very best.