Saturday, 18 June 2016

The horrible threat of fascism must be thwarted.

                                            Thomas Mair, fascist murderer.

Do you know what sorrow is? A pool of blood where resentment clouded in hate devoured hope.It's been a horrible week, where we've seen the consequences of bigoted hatred.
It's looking increasingly apparent that Thomas Mair (the Killer of Jo Cox MP) was a far-right extremist with links to various fascist groups.The media are trying to put his actions down to his mental health, ignoring his political beliefs, despite Mair saying "death to traitors, freedom for Britain" in court this morning it points out that the attack was not some random act of violence, but a politically motivated targeted attack on someone who had spoken out in support of the people pictured in Nigel Farages recent ' Breaking Point' poster. Believe it or not, there are millions of people with mental health issues who don't go around committing politically-motivated acts of terror. An individual fired up by those who propogate. hate and division who deliberately set out from his home armed with a firearm and long knife, to commit a politically motivated murder. According to a US civil rights group, he bought a handbook from an American-based Neo-Nazi group with instructions on how to build a homemade gun in 1999.
Sick white supremacist ideology has driven many to do this is the past (David Copeland, Anders Breivik, Zack Davies) and if the far-right aren't prevented from spreading their poisonous message, many more will probably follow.
By not calling Mair's actions terrorism , the media has been inconsistent and has helped fuel Muslims communities that they are treated differently.Remember that this kind of thinking emerges and spreads in our own communities,sometimes amongst people we know. It's important to recognise this threat and to know who these people are so that we never have to experience the worst consequences of fascist extremism.Those that seek to spread blood on our streets for their own hateful agendas. Certain politicians  are responsible for stirring up the toxic debate on immigration in which the dreadful murder of Jo Cox took place combined  with those who have deliberately whipped up racism and anti-migrant feelings.  .
I have no hidden political agenda, I just have a dreadful  fear of the rise of fascism in a political atmosphere that was febrile and fetid long before Jo Cox’s death and is still being spread.
The lessons of history is that we must all unite to oppose fascism wherever it lurks, we must  stand firm against this vile ideology of hate, defeat it and make a better life for all .Remember that an injury to one is an injury to all., so as we remember Jo Cox we must stand together in solidarity with all victims of fascist violence. Never should this disgusting ideology be given acceptance of any kind.
We must continue push back any growth by the  forces of fascism as has been done repeatedly in the past.

Inner Terrestrials - White Nightmare

Well this is a story about the war,
This is the futures to unfurl.
And this is about the fate of millions,
Under attack by evil's minions.

This song is about the fascist threat,
And a history full of regret.
And this is a tale of countless dead,
Because of the lies on which we're fed.

A white nightmare
A white nightmare
A white nightmare
The great white nightmare

You know we're taught to believe in our sovereign rulers,
Just one of the lies on which we're nurtured.
Patriotism, blind faith in the state,
Relate to xenophobia and race hate.

The innocents died when the war flags flew
Are scared human beings, no different from you
In god and mercy's name, they'll have to be cleansed,
The commies, the subverts, the gypsy, the jew.

A white nightmare
A white nightmare
A white nightmare
The great white nightmare

You know they're still there fighting for a new world order,
Built on fear and children slaughtered.
And i can't think what they hope to gain,
When the rivers turn to blood, and joy turns into pain.

With a crooked pride in germanic roots,
Swastikas, shaved head, steel toe capped boots.
They're warped ideal is a nazi nation,
Born of loss and bleak frustration.

A white nightmare
A white nightmare
A white nightmare
The great white nightmare

Have they forgotten the lesson of the past?
With their misplaced pride and their aryan path.
Can the rotten see that inside their heads,
Hatred grows and hatred spreads.

Before you realised in had begun,
The world is under threat from nazi scum.
So on your feet now, do us right,
It's time to spread the love, and block out all the lies.

A white nightmare
A white nightmare
A white nightmare
The great white nightmare

You know i look around and i don't see mugs,
Who'll take this xxxx from fascist thugs.
We need one heart, one soul, one nation,
To save us all from annihilation.
We suffered from too many wars,
We must never break under their laws.
We've been hurt enough, we'll take no more,
We must defeat the fascist core.

A white nightmare
A white nightmare
A white nightmare
The great white nightmare


  1. The corollary of your argument is that Islamist atrocities should not be ascribed to individuals' sociopathy, blowback from Western foreign policies or wider societal factors such as discrimination and deprivation, but should instead be blamed squarely on the ideology. Let's rewrite one of your sentences: "Sick Islamist supremacist ideology has driven many to do this in the past (9/11, 7/7, Paris (twice), Orlando...) and if the Wahabbists and Deobandis aren't prevented from spreading their poisonous message, many more will probably follow." So many in the West, notably President Obama, scrupulously avoid saying anything like this. The inconsistency is staggering.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for your thoughts, I did not concentrate on atrociries carried out in Islam's name but recognise that those that perpetrate these acts and spread their poisonous messages of hate were allowed to, aided by the C.I.A and after the disastrous war in Iraq its Oxygen was allowed to grow with our stalwart allies the Saudis sewing the seeds of Wahabi ideology from Peshawar to Tunis. Western policies have also allowed those that use Islam's name to dangerously spread their warped messages of hate.The flagrant disregard for international law and human rights statutes in the name of counter-terrorism by western countries has also allowed these flames to spread allowing neo fascist to grow in strength instead of what hopefully we might agree on,being weakened. I guess there are many forms of fascism spreading their intolerance of humanity, we should not be blind to this fact, there are also billions of muslims across the world who do not agree with what is being done and misused in the name of Islam.The common denominator of all forms of fascism past and present is rooted in hate and division. I will continue to oppose all dark forces of fascism whoever is the perpetrator.We must continue to confront it, refusing to let it conquest ourselves, with our minds, our humanity, our self respect, refusing to be silent.Regards.