Thursday, 2 June 2016

There's wisdom in her eyes

               ( photo courtesy of Stephanie Burgess, a poem for Jane, the mighty furbster )

There's wisdom in her eyes,
Kindness in her heart,
Laughter and faithfulness,
She carries a familiar strength,
That urges sadness to depart,
Brings me peace and light.
This mighty furbster flower,
Precious loving being,
A dream within a dream,
Encourager and friend.
Dear gentle beautiful soul
Who in life has bought good fortune,
Many blessings delivered to my door,
Taught me how to remain positive,
Filled the days with grace,
Her presence makes the world,
                            a better place,
I will follow forever all her days,
The wisdom of her eyes,
Ever clear, ever sacred, ever bright.


  1. beautiful

    really. you have been really inspired by her

  2. cheers, thanks again... much appreciated