Friday, 10 June 2016

Solidarity with the Burghfield Blockade

I sends congratulations to Trident Ploughshares and all those who have participated in the very successful blockade of AWE Burghfield this week. This is the site near Aldermaston which works on the development and production of Britain's nuclear warheads. The protest aims to raise awareness of the forthcoming parliamentary decision on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system.
The new warhead factory at AWE Burghfield will cost the taxpayer almost £2 billion. Parliament has yet to vote on replacing Trident.
Campaigners have blockaded one of the gates, day and night, since Monday, stopping all traffic to and from the site in the process.
 Former Labour Euro-MP for Leeds Michael McGowan says
“At a time when people in our city are depending on foodbanks, it is just abhorrent that we should consider spending such astronomical sums on a weapon that we could never use. Nuclear weapons are not just immoral but totally outdated and it’s time that we got in line with most countries in the world and disarmed.”

During the day the blockaders have been joined by many supporters from across the country and internationally.Activists from France, Belgium, Germany and Finland as well as Scotland, Wales and England are continuing to block the gates to the construction site at AWE Burghfield in Berkshire. No work has gone on there since the action started on Monday morning. But the same group of people have been staying overnight to maintain the blockade. Now they need to leave! More people are needed at the site to take their place. Are you free this weekend and can get to AWE Burghfield, West Berkshire?

Love and support to all seeking to stop wars and bombing innocents.

If you can lend a hand please contact Angie on 07456 588943 or email

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in joining the protesters.

Click here for more information on the blockade, which continues throughout the month.

Click here to see The Guardian's coverage of the protest.

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