Sunday, 10 July 2016

New politics, let's be having it

Having already suffered an almost total wipe-out in Scotland, the Labour Party seems to be entering a very dangerous period in its history. The rebels in the PLP don't seem to realise that they are isolated between the leadership, the members and the unions. If a leadership contest is announced tomorrow and, through some procedural machinations, Corbyn is kept off of the ballot paper, the PLP will have pushed the nuclear button, and will transform this crisis into an extinction level event for the Labour Party.
However I watched this interview this morning and in one of his best interviews, Jeremy Corbyn answered questions from Andrew Marr about the forthcoming UK Labour leadership contest with Angela Eagle,the Chilcot report, Tony Blair, and Trident and as much as Andrew Marr probed, JC was ready with answers that showed clearly had had thought deeply about things and was not prepared to denigrate people who disagreed with him. If this is the new politics, then let's be having it..
Imagine what could be achieved if every member of the Parliamentary Labour Party spoke as confident and eloquently as their democratically elected leader and united to attack the tories and got on with the job of  pointing out  our societies ills and inequalities that hurts so many ordinary people, the road to a better society could be achieved.


  1. I've been keeping an eye on several of Jeremy's new cabinet members, many of them talk a lot of sense, and are really keen and enthusiastic.

    Trouble is, as you well know, thanks to the BBC and Murdoch, the shadow cabinet views are rarely heard by the general public.

    I love the way Jeremy Corbyn actually answers questions...

    ... yes if this is new politics MORE PLEASE... :-)

  2. yes, the new politics i a rather old style, which we have not seen for a while, people actually listening and talking to one another again.Moving forwards.