Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The NHS turns 68 today, happy birthday.

Nye Bevans legacy came into the world 68 years ago this morning,when he opened Park Hospital in Manchester at a time of rationing and shortages, when we were nearly bankrupt, a jewel  that the war generation left us with, a proud legacy, for us to all to continue to share. It offered for the first time a free healthcare system for all, and has since  played a vital role in caring for all aspects of our nations health. My own father served it well for nigh on 40 years. It has become a source of national pride and is envied around the world.
Remember we paid for it, so it is owned by us, it is our precious commodity, it must survive, we must tear the vultures hands from it. We  cannot reach the day again where people make a profit out of our sickness.It is  one of the pillars of UK society. From helping us when we are in need, to providing employment to over 1.7m people (one of the largest employers in the world), the NHS is the result of what can be possible when we work together for the common good.
But our NHS is currently under attack, facing a massive threat from the Tories and is in grave danger. Dedicated, compassionate staff under increased pressure, leading to low moral. Recent figures have emerged that 2/4s of hospitals have been warned about dangerous staff shortages.
This combined with creeping privatisation, major budget cuts and attacks on staff pay and pensions,..
We should however be proud, that since 1948 that we actually have one of the best health systems in the world, regardless of age, social status, ethnic background or belief. It is ours, and belongs to us,  from the cradle to the grave. We own it and pay for it,providing local medical cover, available free to all, but slowly the Tory's are ripping it from our grasp. In the long term those that need it most, the chronically ill, people with mental health problems,the vulnerable and those from lower socio economic groups and older people will be the ones losing out.
We must defend  and protect it with all our might, so that it can  continue to care for us,that puts people first not profit. We must stop this valuable resource from being plundered in front of our eyes.
In the words of Nye Bevan " It will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it."
I went to a rally last night for Jeremy Corbyn in Swansea was pleased to see so many there,packed to the rafters, young and old who I am sure will not only defend their leader, their movement, when the time comes I have faith that people like this will continue to fight for our NHS too.
Jeremy Corbyn this morning  paid tribute  saying that Labour "will never abandon the NHS, patients or the staff that work in it." I have taken to the man, and believe in the sincerity of his words.

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