Monday, 11 July 2016

Whatever happened to democracy?

The MPs and Lords of both major parties are currently effectively in the process of launching a coup against the electorate.
All the Brexiters leaders have, gone, disappeared, done a runner. And what a shambolic mess our country is in now, we are left picking up the pieces, and Farage, Gove, Grayling, Duncan Smith and co ,who led us off a cliff, then legged it, they should all join Blair , in prison for lying to the country.
Andrea Leadsom now abandoning her bid to become Tory leader, another leading Brexiter jumping ship, she claimed abuse, but perhaps a case of her lies not holding up to scrutiny allowing Theresa May to become next Prime Minister uncontested - not chosen by the public, or even by members of the Conservative Party. Our Prime Minister will have been effectively selected after a chaotic process of elimination by Tory MPs alone. 
A pantomine to distract us from Brexit, Tax Avoidance, Trident, Chilcot, MP's expenses, Private Deals, Austerity and all their other little scams. Don't believe the BS.
Labour meanwhile who are meant to be fighting off the Tories, at a time when Tories are in crisis instead are stabbing their leader in the back, and are going against the whole membership, basically giving the Tories a golden ticket for them to throw more austerity onto us.172 MPs in defiance of the 250,000 members who voted for that leader. These are dispiriting and retrograde actions, but they are also the desperate and chaotic actions of weak reactionaries who have seen their political assumptions destabilised by the the mass participation of a new rank and file in the British Labour Party joining becaue they recognie the need for a more fairer society. Backstabbing Angela Eagle is currently flapping around launching what may be an equally uncontested bid to become Labour leader. Party rules that were not designed to cover the eventuality of a challenge to an incumbent leader may be abused to bar the elected leader from standing. Eagle wants to 'save' the Labour Party... from the democratic will of the party membership. A huge distraction at the moment, when the Tory' currently regrouping. Lets hope that the huge mandate  given to Jeremy by Labour party members is respected through the upholding of his right to automatically appear on the ballot.
And we now have an unelected prime minister,Theresa May, this reluctant remainer, Queen of the snoopers charter, a clone of Margaret Thatcher for God's sake, after a career of opposing legislation that guarantees equality and human rights. well known for her scarily authoritarian, anti-democratic and anti-free speech views, who not only supported scrapping the Human Rights Act and leaving the European Convention on Human Rights - both of which have protected and promoted human rights in the UK and internationally - but has also backed the introduction of employment tribunal fees (making it costly and difficult for people to take rogue employers to court if they face discrimination), and she has done little to reform the appalling way our asylum system treats people fleeing persecution and one of May’s very first acts in the role of Home Secretary: in 2010, she ensured that public bodies no longer had to actively try to reduce inequality. Who will she carry on doing the bidding for? It wont be for the marginalised or the voiceless, slim chance. Unfair and cruel austerity policies will continue, our public services will carry on being plundered for private profit, combined with the cruel targeting of the mot vulnerable in society, the sick, the unemployed and the disabled. The Tory dream of dismantling the welfare state, privatising healthcare and turning all educational institutions into academies will continue to be implemented, as well as a more ardent neoliberal stance toward big business. Good news for corporations, bad news for the rest.  
Cameron called an unnecessary referendum simply to mollify the right wing of the Tory Party, the result of which has divided the country as never before and which might result in the break up of the UK. Never before, except perhaps in 1930s Germany, has a country been so badly served by a government. We need a general election as soon as possible now because we can't have a PM elected by the small amount of people in the Tory party (in fact even they didn't vote for her; she won by default!), we need one elected by the electorate. Whatever happened to democracy? We seem to be screwed in all directions. 


  1. Well said Dave..... unbelievable political events these past couple of weeks.... Angela Eagle must high on something to think she could lead Labour...!!

    Considering this pantomine of politics at the moment I'm optimistic that Jeremy Corbyn will win a General election.

    Let Theresa May run the country for a month, that should be enough time to for the public to see her true colours..!!!

    A General election will surely follow soon after..

    Crazy times.... keep smiling :-)

  2. cheers Mark, yes crazy tumultuous times, but yes we keep on keeping on, in another direction.