Saturday, 16 July 2016

This sticker sticks fascists!

This sticker sticks fascists!
The world is currently experiencing an escalation in racism and xenophobia with an increase in a wave of hate crime and racial abuse following the EU referendum. Violence and intimidation and calls of 'go home' directed against minorities, racist graffiti daubed on community centres, we must condemn all those that try to stoke up division in our society, prevent bigotry from spreading and becoming the new norm.
It is our duty to reaffirm that everyone is welcome in our communities, apart from rascists and fascists of course.We should offer genuine solidarity with victims of any racist incident that occurs – and feel bold enough to intervene when they happen.We must seek to challenge and defeat the politics of hate within our local communities , building continuing resiliance and resistance to the politics of hate and fear, The fascists may spread fear and division but we can counter them with unity and hope, spreading a vision of peaceful co-existence and intercultural respect.
The destructiveness of fascism – and racism more generally – is not limited to its principal enemies. Far from affording privileges to large swathes of society as some suggest, the oppression of marginalised groups hurts us all.We have the abilities to stand united against our common enemy, to show refugees that they are welcome, and to show the fascists that we are not afraid. Beyond support for their toxic ideas, fascists also have a long history of physically attacking people and communities.
Solidarity against fascism is not an altruistic option; it’s a rational necessity. With our resolve and determination we can beat fascism. We cannot allow sieg heiling Nazi scum any space, and we will not sit back  and watch their racist, hateful attacks on refugees and migrants. Now is the time to get involved, get active and get organised to take the fascists off our streets.
 Take a look at these stickers hot off the ‪#‎stickittothetories‬ presses – printed for Aberystwyth Anti – Fascists. They’ll soon be on their way to be stuck all over the genteel, and soon to be fascist free, seaside town of Aberystwyth and its Hinterland(!) in mid Wales.
Oh yes- there are hundreds more of them too.
If you have a problem with fascists where you live, then get some of our bespoke stickers, especially printed with your town/city /whatever name – and along with other anti-fascist activities – you too can become a fascist free zone.…/anti-fascists-your-town/ 

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