Saturday, 13 August 2016

Labour Party wins appeal against voting rules thus treating its members with contempt.

Despite 130,000 members being told in black and white that they were eligible to vote in upcoming leadership elections upon registration, they have now been officially cast aside by their own party in an attempt to skew a result that is already a foregone conclusion.The biggest kick in the teeth, however, is that the permission to do so was granted by a former key lawyer of Tony Blair’s Labour government one Sir Philip Sales QC.This is shocking but in a way not surprising as the right wing of the labour party represent the establishment.It is abundantly clear now just how committed the establishment and the state are to trying to remove Jeremy Corbyn and to bring control of the Labour Party back towards those who represent their interests. Still angry though and lots of other people will be too.By pursuing this case to the Appeal Court the Labour right-wing have shown how ruthless they are prepared to be to defend the interests of their establishment backers, scared of an empowered membership that is not prepared anymore to put up with an elitist political system. The rule-or-ruin approach in this battle gives a glimpse of the type of undemocratic regime that would continue to operate in the Labour Party if Owen Smith were to win. If this is how they treat their own members, with contempt, God knows how they would treat the rest of us. It all seems a bloody mess,as shadow chancellor John McDonnell said in reaction on BBC 5 news "I think this is a grubby manoeuvre and people who have been involved in it should be ashamed of themselves," democracy eh,  ha ha ******* ha.
I must say I nearly rejoined the Labour Party too, was a member once before it drifted away from its socialist heart, but was encouraged by the new direction it seemed to be taking, ordinary people energised by Jeremy Corbyn's authentic radical agenda. But sadly right wing elements within the party like the Blairites and those that align themselves to Progress continue to treat people with contempt, in this case after using stolen money to fund their appeal, robbing the poor to halt democracy and exclude the poorest and most disadvantaged people in society from having a vote - a shame and stain on Labour. It is no surprise that the 50,000 people who got rejected to vote after paying £25 were all Jeremy Corbyn supporters. This is where any notion of democracy ends and an elitist oligarchy in the Labour Party begins. What these disenfranchisers is doing serves the Tories more than it does Labour. I hope that all the new members who joined and have been excluded from voting and are currently feeling dissapointment carry on taking on the establishment, keep making a stand against austerity, keep fighting for a better society and  confronting some of the most powerful aspects of British society and keep on embracing a progressive straight talking form of politics,whether they stay inside the Labour Party or not that represents the 99%. Power to the people. 

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