Sunday, 28 August 2016


Welcome friends
Nothing new here today,
The same old points of rememberance
The home environment still bathed in blue,
Clouds in slow motion dark and grey
Waiting for thunder to bellow,
Lightnings electrons to releases a spark
The unapproachable and unknowable,
The quantum uncertainty still at large,
Schrödinger’s cat inside Pandora’s box
The hard-drive clambering among confusion, 
Life currently debauched by profiteers
The drowning despair of capitalism,
The earth and lovers slowly dying
A future that remains unknown, 
Time now to turn up the music loud
Do a spiral dance, pause for reflection,
As the universe passes by in ambivalence.

Try to cling on to  threads of hope
Seek and clasp new forms of clarity,
From depths of moments indecision
Keep on looking for signs to rearrange,
Through the blur and scope of time
Different forms of distraction to keep engaged.
Allow mind like a compass to pass through the haze
As darkness falls, the day takes another shape,
Fresh currents emerge to engulf consciousness
To combat feelings and paths of uncertainty,
In glistening dawn,  distraction  dissolves,
Mindstreams of  exhaustion might be resolved.


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