Monday, 1 August 2016

Our dreams can change the world.

Dreams - exciting, frightening, bewildering!  That other world, from which neither rich nor poor, young nor old, are debarred. I am sorry for the people who never dream. They miss something - an exciting little jaunt down the mysterious byways which lead off the long, straight roads of existence in which we are frequently held back from simply participating in the changes for which we crave.
Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us quietly dream of one day giving up our jobs to pursue a passion we’ve long kept hidden. Others dream on a grand scale about all the ways they could change the world,the removal of injustice and oppression if only they had the chance. But how many people actually have the courage to go after their dreams, no matter how big or small? Instead, many of us sleepwalk through each day, simply going through the motions, when we could be seizing the opportunity that each new morning brings and living the life we’ve always wanted. 
For me, one of the strangest aspects of  dreaming is the way in which a whole series of exciting  events can be crammed into what  must barely have been a few seconds.But some of us dream while still awake. If people dreamed strongly enough another world could be possible. We would see people before profit, peace instead of war. The economic disparity and vast difference in the quality of living often makes me dream that there could be a more even distribution of wealth on the planet, that would give every single person a chance to break free from the barrier that is global capitalism.
We don’t necessarily need a big platform to make a difference; neither do we have to be a charismatic world leader to have a major influence on others. We can instigate meaningful changes within our small spheres of influence, in solidarity with others we can inspire the spirit of unity, hope and peace for a better world.
We must be willing to speak up and stand up for what we believe is right. If we remain silent because of our timidity, we will allow the consensus flow of reality to carry on ad-infinitum, we must continue to question and challenge absolutely everything — including, when it proves necessary, our own assumptions.
As much as we witness daily the unfairness and wrong-doing in the world, there are also lots of wonderful acts of kindness combined with resistance that are being demonstrated by both individuals and groups. It’s critical that we avoid getting hypnotized by the media, specifically the news channels, which tend to paint a grim picture of the current circumstances on our planet. That stop us from seeking out ways to be free.
But our dreams can change the world, a starting point can be the rejection of a world that we feel to be wrong, negation of a world we feel to be negative. This is what we must cling to. So dare release your dreams onto the streets, let them ring out loud, dream the impossible, and never settle for less than total translation of the impossible into reality. Free Free, Palestine, from the rivers to the sea, another world is not impossible, dare to make your dreams come alive, bring forth your deep yearnings of love, faith and hope with perseverance, guts and passion finding and developing solutions to consequences of injustices in our lives. At the end of the day our shared humanity and hopes are greater than the forces that divide us. All power to the imagination.

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